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YouTube video triggers fast Crash and Reboot


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A redditor has discovered a gorgeous atypical computer virus at the Pixel presently. The place some Tensor-powered Pixel gadgets are crashing and rebooting when taking part in a selected video on YouTube. That exact clip can be a 4K HDR clip from the film Extraterrestrial beings.

Principally, while you try to open it within the YouTube app, your Pixel may hold, crash after which reboot instantaneously. Right here’s the complete reddit thread about the problem. For now, it sounds as if to just occur with this particular video.

This does sound beautiful very similar to the computer virus Pixels had a couple of years in the past about the use of one particular wallpaper forcing the telephone to crash. It ended up being a subject with colour encoding. In order that could be the problem right here as smartly. Nonetheless an ordinary conduct for one particular video. No less than, one video that we’ve heard about to this point.

It’s now not restricted to only the Pixel 7 collection

The reddit thread presentations that customers with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6a collection also are having the similar factor. So it kind of feels to be any Tensor-powered Pixel having this factor presently. Nevertheless it’s additionally value noting that this isn’t taking place to each Pixel 6, 6a and seven collection tool in the market. I’ve attempted it at the Pixel 7, and it crashed and rebooted. However at the Pixel 7 Professional, it doesn’t. It simply performs the clip as anticipated.

Optimistically Google gets this discovered and push out an replace beautiful quickly to mend this factor. The March replace is because of hit subsequent week, so optimistically Google can get a repair put into that safety replace to sort things.

We’ll proceed to apply this tale and for now, simply don’t play that video in your Pixel 6 or 7. For those who actually wish to watch that clip, watch it on some other tool, so you’ll be able to in truth watch it.

Google Pixel users beware: YouTube video triggers instant Crash and Reboot

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