US govt lab is the use of GPT-3 to analyse analysis papers

A device constructed the use of the AI at the back of ChatGPT can assist extract knowledge from medical paper abstracts. It would assist researchers establish vital knowledge throughout hundreds of articles


10 January 2023

AI may assist sift thru analysis papers

Yuri A/Shutterstock

A US govt analysis lab has constructed a device for locating and summarising wisdom in medical paper abstracts. It makes use of the similar AI that powers the not too long ago publicly launched chatbot ChatGPT.

“There’s a line of sight to the time when we can have analysis assistants which are AIs that experience get admission to to fantastic quantities of knowledge,” says John Dagdelen.

Dagdelen and his colleagues at Lawrence Berkeley Nationwide Laboratory in California began out with the function of training GPT-3 – an AI constructed …

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