Supersize wind turbine may climate storms by means of bending like palm tree

There’s a restrict to how giant present wind turbine designs can get, which limits the ability they are able to produce, however a brand new manner impressed by means of palm bushes may lend a hand them scale up


6 January 2023

Research of a small prototype (left) suggests a brand new wind turbine design may well be scaled up

Chris Qin (Washington State College)

Wind generators taller than maximum skyscrapers, with blades that bend like palm bushes, may generate 50 megawatts (MW) of energy, in step with an research of a scaled-down prototype. This might be sufficient to energy about 15,000 US houses.

The biggest present wind generators most sensible out at round 300 metres tall, greater than two times the peak of the London Eye, and will generate 15MW of energy. Better generators produce extra energy, bringing down the entire …

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