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Seagate: 30TB second-generation HAMR challenging disks are nearly right here


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Ahead-looking: Seagate has invested an enormous sum of money and effort right into a HAMR-powered long term for garage according to magnetic era. Now the corporate says it is nearly in a position to deliver its subsequent era of HDDs to undertaking and shopper consumers alike.

The way forward for magnetic garage will start within the 3rd quarter of 2023, as Seagate has introduced its newest plans to begin mass manufacturing of second-generation HAMR-based challenging disks. In its newest convention name for buyers, the garage large stated that the release of its latest HDD “platform” shall be “forward of time table,” whilst efforts to support yields (and, after all, margins) are ongoing.

Regardless of the dire state of affairs the garage marketplace is experiencing at the moment, Seagate is browsing on the long term: Warmth-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) makes use of a laser diode hooked up to each and every recording head to “momentarily heats a tiny spot at the disk,” the corporate explains, in order that knowledge bits written on a magnetic platter change into smaller and extra densely packed than ever “whilst last magnetically and thermally solid.”

Seagate has already shipped restricted quantities of HAMR-powered HDDs to chose consumers for checking out, however the era is outwardly nearly in a position for the mass manufacturing of shopper and undertaking challenging drives. The rate of the preliminary HAMR quantity ramp-up “relies on plenty of elements,” Seagate stated, reminiscent of product yields or buyer qualification timelines.

For the primary and moment quarters of 2023, Seagate nonetheless plans to depend on typical magnetic recording applied sciences to push HDD capacities to new heights. In Q1 or Q2, the corporate will unencumber new 10-platter fashions the usage of perpendicular or typical magnetic recording (CMR/PMR), cramming 2.2 terabytes on each platter for a complete 22TB capability. The use of the slower shingled magnetic recording (SMR) tech, Seagate will be offering 24TB fashions to consumers prepared to undertake it for “sure packages.”

2d-gen HAMR platters will sooner or later be capable to cram 5 terabytes of information on a unmarried platter, Seagate estimates, whilst the primary industrially produced HAMR HDDs will be offering “handiest” 30 terabytes of nominal garage capability. HAMR challenging disks with 40TB of garage are anticipated for 2024 or 2025, whilst 50TB fashions may arrive in 2026.

For now, the principle drawback of HAMR drives is yield – and it’ll keep like this for the approaching years as smartly. In 2023, Seagate stated, the proportion of HAMR-based HDDs in the marketplace will most certainly nonetheless be “slightly low.” Main manufacturing enhancements will have to arrive in 2024, with additional acceleration in 2025. Advanced yields will deliver the heat-assisted era to midrange and even low-range HDD fashions as smartly.


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