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Via Neenah Payne

America Founding Fathers looked the media (newspapers then) as “The Fourth Property” accountable for talking reality to energy, informing the general public, and preserving a test at the Government, Legislative, and Judicial branches of presidency. They understood that democracy calls for a well-informed public which is conceivable handiest with a unfastened press. So, they integrated Freedom of the Press within the First Modification of the United States Charter:

Congress shall make no regulation respecting an established order of faith, or prohibiting the unfastened workout thereof; or abridging the liberty of speech, or of the click; or the correct of the folk peaceably to collect, and to petition the Executive for a redress of grievances. 435 U.S. at 15–16.

The 20th century added radio and TV to the inside track circulation and there have been a number of revered newshounds like Walter Cronkite, continuously cited as “essentially the most depended on guy in The united states” after being so named in an opinion ballot. Cronkite gained a lot of honors together with two Peabody Awards, a George Polk Award, an Emmy Award and in 1981 was once awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom through President Jimmy Carter. Edward R. Murrow  was once regarded as certainly one of journalism’s largest figures through fellow reporters Eric SevareidEd BlissInvoice DownsDan Quite, and Alexander Kendrick.

The 20th century presented investigative TV displays like Meet The Press which first aired on 11/6/47, and Face The Country, some of the longest-running information methods at the air because it first aired on 11/7/54.  American citizens used to pity folks at the back of the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union who may get dependable information handiest from Radio Unfastened The united states.

The 21st century added information from the web, Large Tech, and social media. American citizens pitied folks trapped in Communist China the place the web is censored. Alternatively, whilst we now have extra information assets now — they’re increasingly more managed and file the similar narratives. Large Tech and social media censorship has been just lately printed. Thankfully, there are lots of dependable selection media websites now like Herbal Blaze and Activist Submit along with displays like The Corbett File and The Highwire with host Del Bigtree. Podcaster Joe Rogan whose target audience is bigger than that of any TV information display is offering a brand new form of “information.” It’s a modern, evolutionary new media.

Rising Riot From The Mockingbird Media

The “Mockingbird Media” supplies TV “information.” Alternatively, regardless of which channel you flip to, you get EXACTLY the similar information, phrase for phrase — continuously in EXACTLY the similar tone of voice as a result of it’s all scripted through a government.  The ones newscasters serve as similar to robots and may simply get replaced through robots as a result of no individuality, idea, or investigative journalism is needed. A lot of American TV is now “Dropped at you through Pfizer.” America and New Zealand are the one nations that let Large Pharma to market it on TV. There’s no unbiased investigative reporting or research.


Throughout stations, channels, networks, towns counties, states and nations. Who’s the unique creator of the propaganda mind poison. I might say those senseless sellouts are unhealthy to our well being and effectively being. Supply: Unfastened Speech Warrior. In case you favored this video you may additionally like a few of these.

The video underneath explains that both there will probably be a Nice Awakening now or Klaus Schwab, founding father of the Global Financial Discussion board, gets to impose his Nice Reset at the international!


Ivory Hecker ended her occupation with the native Fox Information associate in Houston Texas on June 14th 2021 LIVE on air with a startling remark in regards to the censorship she was once enduring, and with that her occupation as a TRUTH NEWS journalist started.

Why The Joe Rogan Podcast Is So Robust

Joe Rogan is the host of The Joe Rogan Revel in. It is among the hottest podcasts, disbursed solely on Spotify. It has a long-form dialog with visitors. Rogan defined that he by no means marketed his podcast. It grew simply from phrase of mouth. He mentioned the one not unusual thread via his podcasts is that he has conversations with folks whom he reveals fascinating. He identified that mainstream newscasters, in contrast to podcasters, don’t have a singular particular person viewpoint. They’re simply a part of the scripted “Mockingbird Media” who’re advised what to mention.

The 7/1/21 New York Instances article Joe Rogan Is Too Large to Cancel reported:

“He’s now one of the ate up media merchandise on the earth. His Spotify deal, estimated at $100 million, speaks to the attract of constructing audiences really feel they’re in on one thing subversive….In 2019, Mr. Rogan mentioned his podcast was once downloaded about 190 million occasions in a month. Some unmarried episodes have reached tens of thousands and thousands… The preferred host in cable information, Tucker Carlson of Fox Information, would possibly be expecting about 3 million are living audience in line with evening….

He’s a comic similarly liable to speak about the coronavirus, intelligently, with an epidemiologist and speak about epidemiology, much less intelligently, with some other comic. He makes market-moving suggestions for nutritional dietary supplements, CBD-infused drinks, nonfiction — an Oprah for the Creatine-taking set or a Schwarzenegger for the Local American historical past buff, relying at the day. He additionally says he isn’t to be depended on as a “revered supply of data”…

What’s other now — exhilarating to his enthusiasts, alarming to others — is the social capital he controlled to acquire whilst proudly defying the standard gate-keeping strictures of mainstream status. This is a tale of endurance, timing and a willing really feel for the present cultural winds. He began recording himself just about a dozen years in the past for a are living internet assemblage of masses, and folks listened. Then extra. There have been no community censors….“He didn’t want Hollywood,” mentioned Dom Irrera, a comic and longtime buddy. “Joe’s were given his personal factor.”…

For his sins, he has been careworn with a staggering fortune and an international succeed in. “The ability of what he’s created, he doesn’t need to be afraid of having canceled,” mentioned Andrew Cube Clay, a chum of Mr. Rogan’s and comedy’s maximum famously cancelable export of the Eighties and Nineties. “He’s all just right.”…

The query now, as Mr. Rogan settles into his kingmaking segment, is how he would possibly like to make use of his capital. He does appear to love the theory of folks coming to him, in each sense, and the ability that flows from commanding a platform so huge that even those that would possibly really feel extra at ease somewhere else — elected officers, scientists, the occasional journalist — acknowledge that ignoring him can be irresponsible…. Pals have teased him about being his technology’s Johnny Carson, the host whose blessing may mint stars in a single day, and his new cope with has already produced a gravitational glide amongst comics of a definite ilk…..

And so, there’s now a type of Rogan sub-economy of comedian-podcasters whom he helped achieve publicity, their public personas likewise constructed partially round scorning political correctness and the establishments related to it — a heady cultural area the place it could actually really feel as regardless that left and proper converge.”

The two/17/22 New York Instances article Spotify Wager Large on Joe Rogan. It Were given Extra Than It Counted On says,

The deal that introduced his podcast to Spotify is claimed to be price over $200 million, greater than was once prior to now identified…. With tens of thousands and thousands of listeners for its buzziest episodes, “The Joe Rogan Revel in” is Spotify’s largest podcast no longer handiest in the USA however in 92 different markets, with a following that hangs on each phrase of his hourslong displays….

Because the display’s debut in 2009, Mr. Rogan, a blended martial arts fanatic and comic, had made himself right into a podcasting heavyweight, touchdown an eclectic vary of visitors and tasty them in freewheeling, uncensored conversations…Mr. Rogan’s display was once some of the largest good fortune tales in podcasting, however for years it was once no longer to be had on Spotify. In Would possibly 2020, Spotify wooed him with an be offering he couldn’t refuse…. Spotify’s inventory worth jumped 17 % the week the deal was once introduced…

The Joe Rogan Revel in is the other of the Mockingbird Media as a result of it’s non-public, unscripted, and unfastened kind. Rogan is brave, unbiased, ingenious, authentic, unique, pioneering, disciplined, humble, assured, sturdy, virtuous, truthful, open, and inquisitive, So, the podcast is authentic, open-ended, nuanced, and inventive. Rogan serves as information, function fashion, chief with an inspiring non-public self-discipline. As a result of Rogan is so widely-read and well-informed with a interest that spans many numerous subjects, staring at his display is a type of very entertaining training and enlightenment. He’s an overly insightful interviewer who brings out the most efficient in each and every visitor.

Joe Rogan and Russell Emblem had an interesting three-hour dialog on March 2 in display #1948 which  coated quite a lot of subjects. Emblem identified that 9/11 ended in surveillance and COVID ended in compliance. He mentioned “elites” (like Large Pharma, Large Banks) are benefitting from crises that hurt everybody else. Emblem defined the relationship between self-discipline and spirit through announcing Christ’s fans have been known as “disciples.” He mentioned a tradition that ignores spirituality turns into meaninglessness.

Joe Rogan and Russell Emblem on Censorship, Keep an eye on and Media

Video: Section 1 and Section 2

Emblem  mentioned, “The establishments are hole as a result of they’re no values there. The tradition celebrates many stuff which can be beautiful vacuous. It’s a struggle in opposition to nature, in opposition to human characteristics.”

The three/16/22 article through Dr. Joseph Mercola Joe Rogan and Russell Emblem on Censorship, Keep an eye on and Media says:

Emblem notes: “I heard this factor that that man, Pavlov of the canine, you recognize, he did different experimentation, the result of that have been that 20% of persons are extremely at risk of hypnosis, and in a similar way extremely at risk of placebos … It’ll be efficient beneath … the correct prerequisites … and the similar with hypnosis, and 20% of folks might not be hypnotized and won’t reply to placebos. 

The center 60% is the place propaganda operates. What number of of that heart 60% are you able to convince?

And I used to be simply astonished that authoritarianism may all of sudden be repackaged on this way, that authoritarianism may let you know that struggle is a great factor, that authoritarianism can let you know that Large Pharma is a great factor,  that being locked in your house is just right.”

The COVID Narrative Bell Curve

The Bell Curve comes up in an excellent choice of instances whether or not speaking about scholars, affairs of state, hypnosis, COVID, and so forth. Why Was once David Icke Banned From 26 Ecu International locations? displays that the mythical British writer David Icke mentioned,

Staff #1: Those that mindlessly settle for anything else authority tells them with out query… Staff #2: Those who don’t need to do what authority tells them, however they’re afraid of no longer doing so as a result of they worry the results…Then, there’s Staff #3 that has ended each tyranny in historical past — the actual Renegades of this Human Circle of relatives — those that see that they’re being lied to, who see the place that is going and refuse to cooperate. The individuals who perceive essentially the most robust phrase within the English language — ‘NO! NO! NO!’ English language or every other language: ‘NO! No! No longer doing it! No longer cooperating!’

Belgian Professor Mattias Desmet, writer of The Psychology of Totalitarianism, mentioned the significance of the Bell Curve in his video interview underneath with Tucker Carlson. He displays that about 20% of folks believed the authentic COVID narrative with out query, about 60% went along side sides of the narrative despite the fact that they’d doubts, and some other 20% utterly rejected all sides of the narrative from the start.

Tucker Carlson Lately – Mattias Desmet

The Epidemic of Unexpected Deaths

The three/18/23 article through Dr. Joseph Mercola “Epidemic of Unexpected Grownup Deaths In any case Made Information” (now on his paid Substack) hyperlinks to Tucker Carlson’s video interview underneath with Edward Dowd, writer of “Reason Unknown” The Epidemic of Unexpected Deaths in 2021 and 2022.

Tucker’s Fox Information interviews have a lot the similar unique taste of excellent podcasts.

Stunning New Guide Presentations Epidemic of Unexpected Deaths

Media Defines Fact: Ancient Energy Shift

When Rogan specializes in a subject matter — like The Nice Reset and the worldwide takeover through Klaus Schwab’s Global Financial Discussion board as he did on 2/20/22 — thousands and thousands of people that would possibly not have heard of it all of sudden get .  It’s a wakeup name to humanity.

It is a 2-minute preview of the display: Watch Joe Rogan Get Pink Pilled On The WEF, Klaus Schwab, and Virtual ID’s aka The Nice Reset “WATCH — Maajid Nawaz explains that folks in energy close down debate to create a void the place reason why, common sense, and reality not exist, however the place energy can outline truth.” For a 15-minute snip of the display watch: The Nice Reset | Maajid Nawaz BLOWS Joe Rogan’s Thoughts Explaining Klaus Schwab’s Schedule

At 2:15 within the 3-hour display Joe Rogan Left Speechless on WEF infiltrating Governments, The Nice Reset Is Now Out Within the Open, Nawaz explains that we’re in a pivotal second in historical past on account of the tactics by which the web and cryptocurrencies are decentralizing knowledge and cash — and thus energy. He says this is identical within the shift in energy brought about through the creation of the printing press. He mentioned decentralization of media is inflicting a vital shift as a result of whoever outline reality defines truth.

The Powers That Be who’re shedding the facility to keep an eye on the narrative will have to clamp all the way down to retain energy. He says, “So, it’s an inside civil struggle over reality and over knowledge.” The battle isn’t about Left or Proper. It’s about Centralization or Decentralization. He says that humanity is dealing with a crossroads now — overall centralization (slavery) or decentralization (freedom).

At 2:41, Nawaz discusses Klaus Schwab’s Nice Reset and his infiltration of governments along with his “Younger World Leaders” like Justin Trudeau, Top Minister of Canada and Mark Rutte, PM of The Netherlands.

WTF?? Nice Reset Overall World Keep an eye on Plan Uncovered on Joe Rogan?

Dr. Robert Malone: 5th Technology Battle

Aubrey Marcus is some other very delicate podcaster. Episodes with Aubrey Marcus displays that he was once interviewed 16  occasions through Joe Rogan between 2014-2016. Within the video underneath, Marcus interviewed Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform generation used within the Pfizer and Moderna COVID pictures. Dr. Malone is the President of the World COVID Summit of 17,000 medical doctors.  They speak about the “5th Technology Battle” we’re going via now by which nations are combating wars of data — continuously in opposition to their very own voters. It’s an try to keep an eye on the narrative and belief of truth.

The Physicians Declaration Calls COVID Insurance policies “Crimes Towards Humanity” displays that 1000’s of scientific execs claim COVID insurance policies “Crimes Towards Humanity”

Pandemic Submit Mortem: The Reality Vs. The Narrative with Dr. Robert Malone 2/22/23

Originally of the pandemic, Dr. Robert Malone had religion within the scientific device he had labored inside for many years. When vaccines have been authorized, he were given double jabbed. To nowadays, he’s nonetheless seeking to heal from the wounds he gained attributable to that call.

Dr. Robert Malone has been courageously outspoken all over those making an attempt occasions, and consequently has been mercilessly attacked, slandered, and censored. This even though he’s an the world over identified scientist/doctor and the unique inventor of mRNA vaccination as a generation, DNA vaccination, and a couple of non-viral DNA and RNA/mRNA platform supply applied sciences with about 100 medical publications and whose paintings has been cited over 12,000 occasions.

In this podcast, we speak about the newest information and speak about quite a lot of subjects, together with; the mechanisms of toxicity, fifth technology struggle, and what it approach to be a warrior in our time.

Daybreak of The Age of Aquarius

Podcasters like Rogan have a unprecedented intensity and breadth of data, knowledge, and persona. They’re pioneers main towards a brand new imaginative and prescient of truth and embrace the next attainable for humanity. The truth that Rogan has this type of huge target audience displays that many of us are hungry for this intensity of perception, steering, and management — for the reality. Those podcasters are some of the first indicators of the shift to the next awareness and tradition by which persons are smart, advised, moral, brave, and unbiased whilst being cooperative.

Possibly The 5th Size mentioned it highest in 1969 with their hit music “Aquarius/ Let the Sunshine In.” We’re witnessing the morning time of a brand new age. The fifth Size mixed two songs from the iconoclastic ’60s musical Hair – that is in truth a “display track” that was an very important a part of any dialogue of the Hippie motion, anti-war protests, unfastened love and psychedelia. The music spent six weeks on most sensible of the charts in 1969, the quantity 2 music of that 12 months and is thought of as some of the most sensible 100 pop/rock songs of all time. It gained the Grammy Award in 1970, the crowd’s 2nd one, after “Up, Up and Away” gained it two years previous.

Aquarius lyrics – Hair Solid

The fifth Size – Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In

Dwapara Yuga: Go back Of The Mild

In his communicate with Russell Emblem, Rogan referred to this because the shift from Kali Yuga to Dwapara Yuga of the East Indian Yuga cycles. Each and every one who raises his/her awareness now is helping velocity this shift.

Since The Yugas Cycle isn’t discussed in our tutorial device or company media, maximum Westerners don’t notice the Earth goes via a profound shift that gives a substantial amount of hope and steering. We left  Kali Yuga (Iron Age/Darkish Age/Subject material Age) about 1700 AD and are increasingly more getting into Dwapara Yuga (Bronze Age/Power Age/Psychological Age) — a length of upper awareness. Within the West, this is named a shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Each and every age lasts about 2,400 years.

The Yugas: Keys to Working out Our Hidden Previous, Rising Provide and Long term Enlightenment

Amazon Description

With far-reaching adjustments taking place on nearly a day-to-day foundation, many are questioning if we’re due for a world-changing world shift, and what the longer term holds for mankind. Paramahansa Yogananda (writer of the vintage Autobiography of a Yogi) and his instructor, Sri Yukteswar, presented key insights into this topic just about a century in the past. They introduced an interesting rationalization of the emerging and falling eras that our planet cycles via each 24,000 years.

In line with their teachings, we now have just lately handed during the low ebb in that cycle and are shifting ahead to the next age—an Power Age that can revolutionize the sector. They declared that we’d are living in a time of serious social and religious trade, and that a lot of what we believed to be fastened and true—our complete method of taking a look on the international—would in the long run be reworked and uplifted.

In The Yugas, Joseph Selbie and David Steinmetz provide considerable and intriguing proof from the findings of historians and scientists that exhibit the reality of Yukteswar and Yogananda’s revelations.

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Submit and Herbal Blaze

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