Making Windows 10/11 Look So Aesthetic Episode 16 For those who are bored with the appearance of Windows 10/Windows 11, in this article we will share a way to make Windows 10/11 look Aesthetic Episode 16.

Material please download here: please download here:

Step 1. Create a Restore Point

Select Local Disk C and make sure the Protection column is ON.

If it is still off, select Configure then select turn on system protection and set max usage 5 – 10% then select apply then Ok.

After that select Local Disk C again then Create and name it Restore Point to be created then select Create.

Step 2. Change Live Wallpaper Windows 10/11

Download Lively Wallpaper from Microsoft Store and Run the App Next select add wallpaper and select Live wallpaper in the Wallaper 01.Live folder.

Then Select Open and OK to apply the Live wallpaper.

Step 3. Change Taskbar View

Download RoundedTB from the Microsoft store and run the app

After that select Advance then check on Dynamic Mode & Show System Tray on Hover then select Apply

Then now the taskbar display will be like a Dock

Step 4. Adding Date & Time Widgets

Go to the 02.Rainmeter Folder and install Rainmeter

After that, immediately run the application and Unload all existing widgets

Then install the downloaded rain meter skin

Then just set the position, Color and Transparency of the date & time widget that has been added

Step 5. Adding the Nexus Dock

Go to the 03.Nexus folder and please install the Nexus application

When finished, please run the application

Next copy the folder icons to Local Disk C.

Then go to nexus and select Advance then Restore

After that select the downloaded wsbackup file and select open.