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iPhone 14 Color Range Can we expect it in pink?


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The iPhone 14 vary is nearly here, given the launch is predicted in September. However, we have a new rumor beforehand of the iPhone 14 launch event—the shades of the imminent phones. Let us have a seem at the rumored colorings of the upcoming iPhone 14 range.

Although there is no simple task involving the colors, we would possibly simply have an thinking of the colors of the iPhone 14 pink vary upcoming very soon. The following shades are probably to be dropped this 12 months too!

Colors of iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max Range

According to TechRadar, Apple is launching the following colours which will be on hand for the duration of the launch. Interestingly, in some cases, the iPhone 14 Max has no longer been mentioned. However, going by way of the previous rumors, we can count on the mannequin to come in comparable colorings as the preferred iPhone 14 model. This will be a great deal like the iPhone thirteen mini that is presently reachable in the equal colorings as the iPhone 13.

Reportedly, the iPhone 14 (and the iPhone 14 Max) mannequin will be handy in the following colors:


Apple delivered the lovely lavender iPhone 12 pink the following spring. Expectedly, lavender/purple should be a new coloration for the iPhone 14 this year. The iPhone thirteen is no longer handy in a pink colour yet. Since it is a new coloration and an alluring one, we can count on the iPhone 14 vary to be reachable in this shade. This is additionally typically due to the fact it has leaked at least twice.

Green/Alpine Green

Another famous colour to make rounds in the rumor is green. Although we are now not positive about this one as of now (since the iPhone thirteen model is reachable in green), we can’t make a particular prediction yet. Moreover, one supply has referred to the iPhone 14 vary in this precise color.


Black is one of the anticipated colours even though the closest cutting-edge iPhone thirteen is darkish blue or Midnight blue. Apple can probable provide the upcoming iPhone 14 vary in this colour due to the fact it is one of the most famous smartphone colors.
At least two sources have counseled that a black coloration is planned. Although it’s no longer a coloration we’re terribly extremely joyful by, it’s a safe, understated desire that appears clever and will enchantment to many.


The closest neighbor of the black color is the white one, or Starlight. It is a coloration that Apple is presently providing in its iPhone thirteen lineup. Therefore, Apple may proceed with this coloration for its upcoming iPhone 14 range.


We can additionally assume a blue coloration due to the fact it is any other famous shade out there. It is much less possibly than black or white due to the fact it is much less of a widespread shade. However, it is on hand on present day iPhones and has been rumored with the aid of more than one sources.


Red is Apple’s favored color. So, a purple iPhone 14 has continually been likely, mainly attainable right here considering two sources have already cited the same. We can anticipate a vivid crimson shade, formally referred to as PRODUCT(RED). Moreover, income in this shade make contributions to the combat towards world fitness emergencies.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Colors

Below are the hues we can anticipate for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max:
  • Gold or Rose Gold
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Graphite
  • Silver
  • iPhone 14 range: The Missing Shades
Although we can’t totally assurance the above colors, we can nonetheless Apple to launch them. Rumors round Apple and its products, specially the iPhone 14 range, have been round for a lengthy time. If these rumors are true, we will probable now not see the iPhone 14 vary in pink.

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