How to Install Windows 10 Step by Step FULL

Windows 10 is one of the most popular Operating systems in the world, although currently there is Windows 11 which was released by Microsoft on October 05, 2021, it turns out that there are still many users who choose to stay on windows 10. In this article, we will share how to install windows 10 step by step starting from how to download the ISO file officially, then how to make it bootable with a pendrive then how to install windows 10 on a PC or Laptop.

STEP 1 . Download the Windows 10 ISO File

Go to the Microsoft website Here then select Download Tool Now.

After the file is downloaded Directly run the file and Wait a few minutes then Select Accept.

Then select create installation media, then select Next.

Next We can choose whether we want to download Windows 10 32 Bit or 64 Bit. If you want to download 32 Bits Uncheck the used recommended option for this PC > Then Change to 32 Bit. Then Next.

Then Select ISO File So That It Can Be Saved and Minimize Corrupt Files then Next.

After that specify the Storage location and name the ISO File for example “Windows 10” Then select Save.

Then wait for the ISO file download process to finish.

STEP 2 . Create Bootable Windows 10 with a Pendrive

Please go to the Rufus Website, then scroll down and download the latest portable rufus application.

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After the downloaded file immediately run the application, then please install the Pendrive to a PC or Laptop (At least 8 GB) and make sure the pendrive has been detected in the Rufus application Then Select SELECT.

Then please find the Windows 10 ISO file that has been downloaded then select Open.

For those of you in the Partition Scheme, please adjust it to the Partition Style of the Hard Drive or SSD that will be installed in Windows 10 whether GPT Or MBR, How to Check Partition Style.

After that Select START then OK to start the Bootable creation process and wait until it finishes.

STEP 3 . Install Windows 10 on PC / Laptop

After making Windows 10 bootable, please attach the pendrive to the laptop or pc that will be installed windows 10, then please Restart or Turn on the PC / Laptop and Enter the BIOS Menu.

To Enter BIOS Menu Caraya When Turning On/Restarting the computer repeatedly press the F2/F9/F12/DEL key Depending on the Brand of Laptop or Motherboard used.

After entering BIOS select the Boot Menu > Then set Boot Priority / Boot option No. 1 to the FLashdisk that has been installed. If the BIOS display is different, please find the Boot Priority menu.

Then press F10 to save & exit then select yes, then the laptop / pc will restart and boot into the booable flasdisk that we have created.

After entering in Windows Setup Change the Time & currency format then select next.

Next select Install Now

If you already have a Windows 10 license, please enter the license, but if you don’t have it, choose I don’t have a product key.

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After that, select the Windows 10 that you want to install, for example “Windows 10 Pro” then select next.

Then check I accept the license terms then select next.

After that select Custom: Install Windows Only (Advanced).

Next, you determine the location to Install Windows 10. Make sure the installation is on Local Disk C (See From The Total Size). If the hard drive or SSD is new (Unalocated) it means you have to create a partition first. Then select Format then Yes and Next to start the process of installing Windows 10.

When finished, the PC/Laptop will restart and Unplug its Bootable Flasdisk On Restart (When the Start Screen Turns Off).

After restarting please set select region then Yes.

Then keyboard layout select US Then Yes Then Skip .

Next Select I don’t have internet then select Continue With Limited Setup. After that the PC / Laptop will restart and Select again I don’t have internet then select Continue With Limited Setup.

Then name the PC / Laptop and set Password (Just leave it blank if you don’t want to give a password). then select Next.

Select Accept and wait a few minutes.

And Congratulations Windows 10 Look So Aesthetic has been successfully installed on PC / Laptop.