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How A lot Do You Find out about Well being Dangers from Electrically Powered Frequency Medication Gadgets?


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By means of B.N. Frank

Publicity to a few resources of electromagnetic fields (EMF) – aka “Electrosmog” – is biologically destructive.  Electrosmog comprises wi-fi radiation and 5G emitted from mobile phones, process trackers and different wi-fi wearables (see 1, 2).  Nonetheless, process trackers and different wearable units are every so often being prescribed and/or advisable for scientific functions.  Moreover, frequency medication units are being prescribed and/or advisable.

Due to Alliance for Herbal Well being World for offering extra details about dangers related to them.

FEATURE: Frequency Medication (Section 2) – Gadgets: Wacky or Worthy?

Rob Verkerk PhD’s 2nd a part of his analysis of frequency medication, this time diving deep into units that measure or ship frequencies to the physique

Content material Sections

By means of Rob Verkerk PhD, founder, govt & clinical director, Alliance for Herbal Well being World

You’ve heard information of a progressive frequency-based tool that has a listing of sicknesses it may possibly supposedly treatment that will make Pfizer’s R&D workforce chief quiver. You’ve learn dozens of testimonials and your head’s nonetheless spinning. Some had been from most cancers sufferers who had been categorised as terminally unwell who’ve long gone into ‘spontaneous remission’. Others got here from other people so unwell they had been completely mattress sure – till their frequency remedy were given them strolling once more. Let’s additionally no longer disregard the athletes who used it who advanced superhuman powers.

Your vital intellect tells you this may imply simplest one among two issues. The testimonials are from intensely glad individuals who’d skilled what many would possibly generally classify as a miracle. Or they’ve been fabricated by way of over-zealous marketeers willing to make a greenback.

Any of this sound acquainted?

This newsletter is ready serving to you to make sense of this all of a sudden increasing sector of basically electrically-powered frequency medication units. We gained’t be dealing right here with one of the most non-technologically dependent modalities of frequency medication, as opposed to in passing. That comes with the whole lot from acupuncture, qigong, reiki and homeopathy, via to palms on therapeutic, crystal treatment, and distance therapeutic. This house of refined power medication – as related as it’s for plenty of – we’ll go away for some other article.

Variety regulations

That is one house the place the word, “no longer all [in this case devices] are created similarly”, is particularly pertinent. It’s additionally a space the place, when it comes to some units, it’s no longer imaginable to appraise both protection or advantages as a result of there simply aren’t sufficient technical information to be had to understand what the units are in reality doing as they have interaction with the human physique.

Greater than this, some units falling underneath the amorphous banner of ‘frequency medication units’ have in reality been discovered to motive hurt. This has been most obvious with electromagnetic box founded units used occupationally by way of physiotherapy operators every day and for prolonged classes of time.

Most likely we shouldn’t be stunned about the possibility of hurt, given we now know categorically that some low depth electromagnetic fields that ship low to mid-range frequencies, reminiscent of the ones utilized in powerlines, wifi routers and cellphones, too can do hurt, particularly to those that are electrohypersensitive.

This newsletter, which follows Section 1 that aimed to turn why electromagnetism and resultant frequencies are inexorably connected to existence and well being, has been written to lend a hand demystify the all of a sudden rising box of frequency-based units, as used for assessing facets of well being, or for treating the physique, both in wholesome other people or the ones with a selected situation.

We additionally purpose to provide the classes of data that we predict will have to be to be had to someone who concurs to make use of the sort of tool of this kind, according to one of the vital fundamental and elementary rules of scientific ethics, specifically knowledgeable consent. This calls for that customers of units are supplied with knowledge at the attainable dangers and advantages of the intervention, earlier than they use it. If a practitioner is concerned, correctly knowledgeable consent additionally calls for that the consumer is knowledgeable of imaginable choice interventions so she or he can workout the liberty to select.

What we’re no longer speaking a lot about

There are a surprisingly various differ of industrial units getting used within the well being area that depend on frequencies. We gained’t be speaking, aside from in passing, concerning the multitude of electrotherapeutic units which were broadly utilized in standard medication, particularly in physiotherapy, some for over 70 years.

Those come with a variety of applied sciences that use electric currents (microcurrents) to cause nerves and muscle tissues, that induce a thermal (heating) impact incessantly amongst different results, reminiscent of Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation (NMES), Practical Electric Stimulation (FES), Iontophoresis (which we discussed when it comes to Robert Becker’s paintings with silver ions and joint therapeutic in Section 1), Prime Voltage Pulsed Galvanic Stimulation (HVPGS), and the like.

Applied sciences additionally utilized by physiotherapists, that we gained’t come with right here, are thermal strategies reminiscent of healing ultrasound as that offers with sound waves, which generate acoustic and vibratory frequencies however no longer electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields, as we additionally mentioned in Section 1. Off our checklist of speaking issues can also be using intense mild from lasers, reminiscent of Low Stage Laser Remedy (LLLT) and Prime Depth Laser Remedy (HILT).

So what does that go away us with?

What we’ll be specializing in in the principle are the gamut of units that emit electromagnetic power which might be incessantly additionally in a position to measure the physique’s personal vulnerable electromagnetic fields. Those are the types of units which might be gaining increasingly use within the sphere of integrative or ‘choice’ medication and so are those in all probability to be encountered by way of proponents of herbal well being and wellness.

As chances are you’ll recall from Section 1, any electromagnetic box comes to an interplay between each electric and magnetic fields – and those fields permit the switch of power via electromagnetic waves, and that power may have profound results on other processes and constructions within the human physique, from our pores and skin all of the technique to our DNA.

A query of high quality and amount

If a tool professes so that you could learn the physique’s magnetic box, it must be extremely delicate given the electromagnetic power output of the physique is terribly vulnerable (which doesn’t make it unimportant) and mediates its results neatly underneath the thermal (heating) threshold.

Thermal (power) is after all a distinct topic. We each and every, as adults, factor round 100 watts of power, 24/7. This thermal power, that’s liable for keeping up our physique temperature in spite of the continual loss to the surroundings round us, is generated basically by way of all of the biochemical reactions related to our metabolism that during flip unencumber power within the type of warmth.

Nevertheless it isn’t this thermal power that in the long run controls the interactions of person molecules, atoms and sub-atomic debris within the extremely subtle means that we all know as ‘existence’. That’s all the way down to the a lot weaker and extra coherent electromagnetic power that we regarded as in Section 1, power that is helping create the crystalline power of our biofield that during flip supplies the matrix for the body-mind being that we call to mind because the human species.

This electromagnetic power is all the time issued in a wave shape and doesn’t want a medium (like air or water) to propagate, which is why electromagnetic waves can go back and forth via area. This allows us to look stars with the bare eye, together with stars within the Andromeda galaxy which might be estimated to be some 2.5 million mild years means. Remind your self that while you take a look at the ones stars, the sunshine and symbol you’re taking a look at represented occasions that happened 2.5 million years in the past, earlier than the primary contributors of our genus Homo gave the impression on Earth!

Those waves, which might be the fabricated from blended electric and magnetic fields, have 5 key, interrelated homes:

  1. Frequency – the collection of wave crests passing a given level in line with 2nd, with 1 Hz being equivalent to at least one wave cycle in line with 2nd
  2. Wavelength – the gap between each and every wave crest (Fig. 1), measured generally in metres, millimetres or nanometres
  3. Amplitude (peak) of the wave (Fig. 1), that could be a determinant of its energy or depth, this is incessantly measured in milliGauss (mG) or Tesla devices
  4. Waveform – the form of the wave, together with whether or not it’s a easy sine wave with rounded crests and troughs, or a stepped virtual wave, in addition to whether or not the shape is constant or pulsed, or adjustments in shape over the years
  5. Power – the volume of power carried by way of the wave this is depending on its frequency and particularly its amplitude (wave peak; Fig. 1). As Einstein’s common idea of relativity method E = mc2 reminds us, it’s the power carried via electromagnetic waves that may be transformed to topic, and, similarly, topic will also be interconverted again to power. Gadgets of dimension of power range relying on the kind of box being measured. They come with milliGauss (mG), nanoTesla (nT), Ampere in line with meter (A/m), microWatts in line with sq. meter (µW/m²), Volts in line with metre (V/m), or because the Explicit absorption price (SAR), specifically the ability absorbed in line with mass of human tissue, expressed as watts in line with kilogram (W/kg).


Determine 1. The wavelength and amplitude of an electromagnetic wave (sine wave shape). Supply: Eu Fee.

Electromagnetic waves – in a vacuum – all the time transfer on the velocity of sunshine (slightly below 300 million metres in line with 2nd). Why? In easy phrases, as a result of that’s the velocity of sunshine and light-weight is a type of electromagnetic power as you’ll see from any diagram of the electromagnetic spectrum (see ‘Visual spectrum’, Fig. 2)


Determine 2. The electromagnetic spectrum, appearing wavelengths (in metres, together with the dimensions of items that approximate to them) in addition to frequencies (in Hz).

3 key parameters of an electromagnetic wave, specifically the frequency (Figs. 2 and three), wavelength (Fig. 1) and effort, are interrelated mathematically – as the good Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell proposed within the 1860s and 1870s. So if you recognize one of the crucial parameters you’ll be able to calculate the opposite two, the use of what are known as Maxwell’s or the Maxwell-Heaviside equations.

Whilst you’ll want to describe all electromagnetic power or waves the use of all 3 of those parameters, a practice has advanced in physics that implies radio and microwaves are often described when it comes to their frequency (Hz), infrared and visual mild when it comes to their wavelength (metres [m] or nanometres [nm]) and x-rays and gamma rays when it comes to their power (electron volts, eV). Each x-rays and gamma rays are types of ionising radiation, that means they create such a lot power, they are able to take away electrons from atoms thereby ionising them. An electron volt is the volume of kinetic power that’s had to transfer one electron via one volt attainable.

The interrelationship between those 3 parameters all the time signifies that the shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency, and the higher the power. That’s why radio waves are broadly regarded as secure, and x-rays and, to a good higher stage, radioactive gamma rays, are so bad.

Oh, if simplest that was once all we had to learn about physics to know frequency-based units! There are in reality a mess of different parameters that adjust the organic results of electromagnetic radiation, those being particular no longer simplest to the radiation supply but additionally to the situation and state of the receiving cells, tissues, organs and organism. There may be nonetheless an enormous quantity that is still defined. However what we do know is that some other key parameter is the waveform, which takes under consideration its trend, whether or not it’s steady or pulsed, or even whether or not it’s analogue or virtual, the previous generally being easy and sine wave like, the latter generally stepped and jagged (except transformed to an analogue sign via a selected piece of generation known as an virtual to analogue converter or DAC). Electromagnetic waves will also be refracted (bent) in particular instructions once they input explicit media – and the volume and route of refraction relies on each the wave kind and the medium uncovered.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are produced by way of all types of electric or digital apparatus, whether or not it’s a radio, TV, laptop, mobile phone, dimmer transfer – or an electrically-powered frequency medication tool.


Determine 3. NASA’s classification of the electromagnetic spectrum by way of frequency, appearing each the radio and optical spectrum. Supply: NASA

Gadgets for measuring EMF radiation

Regardless of a majority of these (and different) other traits of electromagnetic waves, there are a selection of measurements of electromagnetic fields (EMF) that may be readily measured at low price that give us key details about their attainable for organic results, particularly, from what we these days know, their attainable to motive hurt. Those are:

  • For the magnetic part of the sphere, the volume of power measured in milliGauss (mG) or nanoTesla (nT) (1 mG = 100 nT)
  • For {the electrical} part of the sphere, the volume of power measured in Volts in line with meter (V/m)
  • For the radio frequency part, the volume of power measured in microWatts in line with sq. meter (µW/m²) that can come with top frequency EMF (100 kHz to 300 GHz) as utilized in wi-fi transmission (e.g. mobile phones, computer systems, displays, TVs, mobile towers, wifi routers, Bluetooth units, and so forth.)

Whilst there are a bunch of various requirements for EMF publicity limits set by way of other organisations in numerous international locations, those are most often in keeping with thermal results and accordingly the bounds have a tendency to be extraordinarily top and no longer in keeping with what is understood concerning the destructive results of radio frequency radiation. Examples come with the bounds set by way of the World Fee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Coverage (ICNIRP) and the ones by way of the Institute of Electric and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) via its World Committee on Electromagnetic Protection (up to date in 2019).

ICNIRP has advanced Publicity Prohibit Values (ELVs) and Motion Ranges (Als) for static magnetic and electric fields and time-variable electromagnetic fields that experience in many nations been transposed into regulation, particularly to offer protection to administrative center environments – reminiscent of within the Eu Union and in the course of the Keep an eye on of Electromagnetic Fields at Paintings Laws 2016 in the United Kingdom. Those are limits for the volume of power emitted by way of the EMF supply and the consequent energy absorbed in line with unit mass of physique tissue.

Somebody keen on electrosmog, has to overlook those ranges as a result of they’re founded simplest on thermal results, in spite of intense lobbying by way of scientists and marketing campaign organisations to incorporate non-thermal results. No longer simplest that, people and all types of existence are, each and every yr, being uncovered to an ever higher collection of units emitting human-created EMFs, together with virtual alerts which might be new-to-nature, which were demonstrated to intrude with organic methods (see Henry Lai’s 2022 analysis summaries at the Bioinitiative 2012 web site).

>>> Obtain Graham Arthur’s ‘Guidelines for Decreasing EMF Publicity that was once created particularly to lend a hand other people steer clear of turning into electrohypersensitive or to cut back signs of electrohypersensitivity.

All electric and digital units bought at the Eu (Eu Financial House, EEA) marketplace require a CE mark. This mark affirms that the producer has conformed to related Eu well being, protection and environmental coverage requirements. That generally approach conformity to Eu requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (i.e. it meets the factors set within the EU’s EMC Directive (2014/30/EU), that applies around the EEA).

As a focal point (and amusement?), for the reason that such a lot of digital items are available from China, some unscrupulous Chinese language operators it sounds as if had been recognized to illegally print the CE mark on their items with out making sure conformity to related requirements. Those can incessantly be known by way of their use of the fallacious fonts or personality spacing and we had been knowledgeable that amongst such disreputable corporations there’s the incorrect trust that ‘CE’ is an abbreviation of ‘Chinese language Export’!

Whilst you’re going to discover a CE mark on all however probably the most ‘wacky’ (learn: probably useless or bad) units bought at the Eu marketplace, the issue is that it’s the producer’s duty to evolve to the related requirements, and there’s some debate as to which of them are related. No longer simplest that, there are not any particular requirements for frequency-based units without delay related to their well being utility, inflicting some corporations to make do by way of assembly the bottom requirements, the ones required for common family electrical and digital items.

The purpose is, it’s no longer simple doing due diligence when the framework for making sure units don’t motive hurt is half-baked or rickety. Some corporations agree to many extra requirements than others, many don’t specify precisely which of them they agree to, and a few argue (incorrectly) that CE mark conformity approach their tool has been confirmed to be secure for its supposed use. This isn’t the case essentially, as, whilst EMC conformity would possibly imply the tool doesn’t emit ranges of radio frequency radiation that exceed the ICNIRP requirements that the directive is in keeping with, it doesn’t imply the tool is secure in its supposed use as a frequency-based tool.

This is identical drawback we are facing with mobile phones. The producers let us know they’re secure as a result of they agree to ICNIRP (that they’ve helped increase), however we additionally know (as mentioned above) why those requirements are grossly inadequate, therefore the popular and lengthening drawback of electrohypersensitivity. To know protection, a lot more intensive analysis is important, with due account being taken of dosimetry, itself a vastly difficult house.

So who’s your absolute best good friend?

For lots of it should certainly be a canine. Nevertheless it’s OK to actually have a generation spouse – and let’s hope that’s no longer your mobile phone! It’s a tool many people can use to be able to higher perceive our publicity to the invisible and probably destructive EMF smog we will all be surrounded by way of (particularly from mobile phones!) – incessantly unknowingly. Sure, after all, I’m speaking about an EMF meter.

There are lots of other makes and fashions to be had commercially, however I in my opinion have discovered the extremely moveable, US-made Trifield TF2 to be in particular helpful with a vast frequency differ and excellent sensitivity. It measures magnetic (e.g. for powerlines, home equipment, motors, wiring in partitions, and so forth.) and electric fields (e.g. for fluorescent lighting fixtures, energy shops, switches, dimmers) in each usual and weighted modes (the latter approach the readings transform extra delicate within the mid-band), in addition to the RF (radio frequency) differ (e.g. for mobile phones, computer systems, wifi routers, microwaves, radio/TV transmissions).

A Trifield tool, or identical, will also be beautifully useful to raised perceive EMFs in your house and administrative center. If you happen to get top readings when measuring RF, magnetic or electric fields particularly places by which you spend a large number of time, there are incessantly adjustments that you’ll be able to make by way of transferring apparatus round or turning a few of them off once they’re no longer in use. See Graham Arthur’s pointers for decreasing EMF publicity, discussed above, for additional knowledge.

Trifield suggests the next ranges could be cheap thresholds for ‘EMF secure’ environments for the next 3 fields. Not like the non-sensical ICNIRP limits, the corporate suggests those ranges make sense as a result of there is not any proof for the induction of well being issues (even non-thermally triggered ones) when ranges are underneath them:

  • Magnetic box: 3 mG usual, 5 mG weighted
  • Electric box: 50 V/m usual or weighted
  • RF: 0.200 mW/m2 (box dimension), 1.000 mW/m2 (top dimension)

Demystifying frequency units 

With our eating desk set, having coated off one of the most fundamentals (let’s name the bit above our starter), let’s now dig into one of the most applied sciences which might be in the market (get ready now for the principle route).

Step one in my adventure to lend a hand demystify the world were given me construction a ‘taxonomy’ of units that covers one of the most maximum not unusual or in style kinds of units which might be to be had commercially. This adventure took me via a vital quantity of the broadcast literature, however I discovered one magazine article and one web site to be in particular useful in figuring out frequency applied sciences that have been broadly studied, a few of them for over 70 years.

The magazine article to which I used to be referring (and I’ve had the good excitement of assembly one if its authors, Tiffany Barsotti) is as follows, along side the web site:

David Muehsam, PhD; Gaétan Chevalier, PhD; Tiffany Barsotti, MTh; Blake T. Gurfein, PhD, ‘An Evaluation of Biofield Gadgets’ International Adv Well being Med 2015; 4 (suppl): 42-51.

Electrotherapy on the internet, compiled by way of the now-retired Prof Tim Watson of the Universities of Hertfordshire and Lincoln, an international famend knowledgeable on electrotherapy. Prof Watson may be the writer of the ebook Electrotherapy: Proof-based Apply (2019, Blackwell), now in its 12th version.

The taxonomy (inevitably incomplete as with maximum taxonomies of advanced methods) is proven in Determine 4.


Determine 4. Non-exhaustive classification of frequency-based modalities and treatments (with treatment kind/class given in brackets).

On construction this classification, we had been stunned on the collection of frequency-based applied sciences that had already been followed by way of the scientific mainstream (no longer essentially completely), particularly within the fields of physiotherapy, neurology and dermatology (20 out of 31 = ~65%). Observe that for each and every tool kind, there are incessantly a large number of other producers.

This knowledge provides you with the capability to right away overlook someone’s try to solid aspersions on frequency medication if they are trying to say it’s not anything greater than fringe pseudoscience! The classification screams that is simply no longer the case! And whilst we’re in this subtle level, let’s no longer be fooled into pondering pseudoscience has simplest ever been related to choice medication – there’s bucket a lot of it in mainstream medication (extra on that some other day!)

However for us ‘believers’ within the energy of frequency, right here’s the pony tablet we actually wish to swallow: frequency medication has transform increasingly more permitted as the foundation of diagnostic applied sciences, but it surely has made little impact in any of the spaces the place it could be used as a remedy for illness if it approach it will then compete head-to-head with Large Pharma’s money cows; assume center illness, most cancers, infectious sicknesses, despair, arthritis, and diabetes. You’re not likely to wish me to give an explanation for why. 

Coming into the lion’s den

To unpack this subsequent a part of our adventure, we wish to input the advanced international of a partly regulated marketplace that spans the continuum between the scientific mainstream and the wellbeing sector, interfacing with the outer edge of probably the most ‘out-there’ geographical regions of other medication (discuss with Fig. 5 to view a collection of units that had been topic to our research).

We wish to tackle board the truth that the field operates inside a all of a sudden rising clinical self-discipline in which there’s nonetheless little common consensus, and, inside it, are actors incessantly willing to offer protection to their highbrow belongings. On some events, you even get to come across shameless and fanciful advertising and marketing of units which might be both recognized by way of their makers not to be what they declare, or, simply as unhealthy, the marketeers slightly know the rest concerning the technical specs of what they’re promoting.


Determine 5. A collection of frequency-based units utilized in standard medication and within the wellness area.

Key: A = BICOM Resonance Instrument (Pulsed Electromagnetic Box (PEMF) tool). B = Shortwave Diathermy (Shortwave Diathermy, Steady Emission). C = Homeopathy (Different). D = Magnetic treatment (Biomagnetic Remedy). E = Vitatec Vitalfield Gadgets (International Diagnostics, Mito, DigiconPro) (Pulsed Electromagnetic Box (PEMF) units). F = Phototherapy (Phototherapy). G = Rayonex Rayocomp PS 1000 polar 4.0 (Bioresonance Remedy). H = Resonant Mild PERL (Plasma-based Rife Machines). I = Shockwave treatment (Vibration/Sound). J = Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Gadget (Microcurrent). Ok = Tensor Box Generator  (Different). L = Low Depth Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS) (Ultrasound).

Credit: A, BICOM Resonance Instrument; B, Shortwave Diathermy; D, Biomagnetic treatment; E, Vitatec Vitalfield; G, Rayonex Rayocomp PS 1000 Polar 4.0; H, Resonant Mild PERL; Ok, Tensor Box Generator; L, Low Depth Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS).

Right through our analysis for this newsletter, we asked information on some particular technical standards known by way of a number one researcher within the box, Bulgarian scientist, Prof Marko Markov PhD. Prof Markov is writer of greater than 14 books, 192 clinical articles, and 282 papers and brief communications given at quite a lot of world conferences at the topic. Amongst his works, he’s editor and co-author of the extremely informative ebook, Electromagnetic Fields in Biology and Medication (2015, CRC Press/Routledge).

In his 2015 paper titled ‘XXIst century magnetotherapy’ (Electromagn Biol Med, 34(3): 190-196), Markov said:“The producers and vendors of magnetotherapeutic units, more often than not, don’t supply enough details about the tool traits. Typically, it isn’t completed on objective, however on account of lack of awareness as to what knowledge is important for clinicians to make right kind collection of the tool and protocol for remedy.”

In the similar paper, Prof Markov is going directly to checklist the parameters he argues are important “for characterization of tool and find out about/scientific trial” – and accordingly, we have now sought to solicit information on those parameters from decided on producers:

  •    Form of the sphere
  •   Frequency
  •   Pulse form
  •   Depth or induction
  •   Gradient (dB/dt)
  •   Vector (dB/dx)
  •   Part (electrical or magnetic)
  •   Intensity of penetration
  •   Localization
  •   Time of publicity (length of consultation)

The replies we won from some corporations from whom we asked knowledge instructed there’s a lack of awareness or an inadequate need for transparency.

One consultant indicated its gratitude that we had been writing an editorial, however added, “…we don’t understand how to give you the information you wish to have.” Some other mentioned, “It’s all proprietary knowledge and I signed a non disclosure settlement so I will’t come up with technical specs”. One couldn’t, or wouldn’t, supply any technical information, within the hope the next can be enough; “[our device] emits its personal resonating frequencies which create a box.” But some other mentioned it wish to supply solutions about its corporate’s tool “…however the ones solutions don’t actually fall into the kinds you’re asking about.”

The effects of deficient business self-regulation aren’t excellent for herbal well being

There are 5 fundamental homes of any frequency medication tool that you simply will have to be capable of readily learn about from the outset, previous to the use of it.

Originally, is the tool in a position to measure all, or section, of the physique’s biofield (power physique, see Section 1), and if that is so, what measurements is it taking from which portions of the physique?

Secondly, does it emit or ship frequencies to the physique? If this is the case, what are one of the most fundamental parameters of those alerts?

Thirdly, does it comprise any algorithms that adjust the frequencies that it delivers in keeping with what it has measured? In different phrases, does it use some roughly a biofeedback machine, and if that is so, are some main points of it to be had?

Fourthly, what are the specs that offer knowledge at the high quality of the tool elements that obtain and emit electric, electromagnetic or acoustic alerts, and, if related, via what elements are those alerts transmitted (e.g. cables) or transformed (e.g. virtual to analogue converter)?

Fifthly and in any case, can the corporate supply directions on advisable use (together with length of publicity), in addition to proof that the tool is secure, that folks have benefited from its use? If this is the case, are those information believable and are they of ok high quality?

As frequency-based units constitute an rising business sector, technological specs are numerous in each kind and measuring unit. If the tool is emitting electromagnetic radiation with the expectancy that it is going to modulate mobile or tissue serve as, it is vital {that a} consumer or practitioner is in a position to readily get admission to knowledge on frequency levels, magnetic flux densities and dosimetry (how a lot of what form of radiation is brought to the physique). Given the complexity of one of the most units, those information will incessantly wish to be given in levels, moderately than as discrete figures.

For lots of corporations this would possibly appear so much to invite, however would you purchase a processed meals at your native grocery store that selected to not specify the elements they’d used to make it? Would you purchase a drugs that didn’t have a label? Would you purchase a motor automotive that didn’t specify its efficiency or potency information?

Our sense is if frequency tool producers as an entire don’t lift their sport and put additional info into the general public area as a part of their obligations as a self-regulated business, they’re going to be pressured, in the course of the political procedure this is most often ambivalent about non-pharmaceutical approaches, into turning into regulated over the years.

As we’ve observed from previous historical past within the box of nutritional dietary supplements and different herbal modalities, that is hardly ever a excellent factor both for herbal well being or for the wellbeing of other people. Not unusual results of presidency legislation are: the knee-capping of selection, the removing of probably the most leading edge, smaller avid gamers, and preferential remedy of the ones with the inner most wallet who toe the mainstream line.

A in particular inclined house are the ones many PEMF units (Fig. 4) within the wellbeing area which don’t these days have any scientific tool registration from a regulatory authority reminiscent of america FDA, the United Kingdom’s MHRA, or their equivalents.

How do frequency-based units paintings?

Let’s speak about measurements first. You’ll measure the human biofield in lots of dimensions, scales and resolutions, no longer not like the best way you measure or overview every other advanced machine, be it, for instance, our planet, a lake, or an apple orchard.

Every now and then you need a generalised view, every so often you need to get in shut or dive particularly deep. Every now and then you’ve were given methods that come up with an excessively top answer, different occasions, the answer you’ve were given to play with is extra generalised, and even fuzzy. Every now and then, even, the sign’s so vulnerable and fuzzy you’re no longer certain if you’ll be able to distinguish what you’re taking a look at from the background frequencies of herbal and technological foundation.

You’ll be coping with apparatus or elements that experience abnormal ranges of answer, similar to while you use a macro lens on a digicam that permits you to enlarge the attention of spider such that it fills your visual display unit. However use a telescope from a satellite tv for pc to view the sphere you photographed the spider in, and issues glance very other. All these differing views and determination capacities are section and parcel of various methods that try to measure the biofield.

However identical to while you purchase your digicam, a possible purchaser of a frequency-based tool will have to have in a position get admission to to element concerning the generation’s specs and capacities. Lately, this isn’t all the time the case on this sector.

It’s additionally value remembering, even supposing you’re coping with a extremely delicate, top answer machine that’s in a position to measure particular spaces of the physique, the measurements don’t essentially translate without delay to the body structure or pathology we’re used to coping with once we take a look at the bodily physique and the underlying physiological and biochemical processes that serve as inside it. Whilst the appropriate mechanisms have not begun to be elucidated or agreed upon via consensus, that is most likely for the reason that non-biochemical, vigorous machine of the physique – the biofield – in reality controls the opposite processes and operates within the geographical regions of quantum biology, no longer Newtonian biology. Taking a look at it otherwise, the biofield is most likely the grasp controller of the organic machine; the invisible knowledge matrix this is superimposed, each via and over, all dwelling beings.

Some units are limited to low frequencies (say underneath 100 Hz), some producers claiming this is as a result of those are those the physique operates with they usually don’t intrude with the radio frequencies utilized in conversation methods which might be recognized to be destructive.

Because the science progresses, it sort of feels such perspectives are increasingly more invalid, as other portions of our our bodies emanate a surprisingly vast differ of frequencies, from very low frequencies within the sub-100 Hz differ, in the course of the kilohertz (KHz), gigahertz (GHz), terahertz (THz) or even into the picohertz (PHz) differ, and most definitely past. That is neatly illustrated in Fig. 6, taken from Kučera & Havelka (2012).


Determine 6. Spontaneous mechanical oscillations (passive and energetic) in numerous portions of the human physique throughout the frequency spectrum. Supply: Kučera & Havelka (2012).

Even the ultraweak biophoton emissions from DNA as explored by way of Fritz-Albert Popp and associates (see Section 1) are within the ultraviolet to visual mild differ (wavelength 200-800 nm).

Base line, whether or not or no longer the generally ultra-weak alerts can or can’t be detected around the differ is all the way down to the sensitivity and specificity of the antennae getting used. That is in impact a efficiency function and a space that we imagine will have to preferably be specified on consumer-facing specs. Lately, such declarations are unusual on many machines within the wellness area.

With regards to frequency emissions, we open a can of worms. A lot of the specification information seems to be guarded carefully so as to offer protection to highbrow belongings (IP). My sense is, however, that much more may well be disclosed with out risking IP. For instance, disclosing sure traits of the emitted frequencies such because the frequency differ, wavelength differ and effort output differ would nonetheless imply, for instance, that main points of the waveform, the trend of any pulses, and the algorithms that keep watch over any biofeedback methods, would stay confidential. We had been in reality stunned, for the 23 units we evaluated founded in large part on publicly available knowledge, along with a steered for any more information by way of electronic mail, how few information becoming Markov’s tick list of parameters had been to be had. On the other hand, there have been transparent exceptions. The knowledge we controlled to tabulate are proven within the Desk underneath.


* Those are parameters known by way of Prof Marko Markov “for characterization of tool and find out about/scientific trial”, mentioned above, and derived from Markov M. Electromagn Biol Med, 2015; 34(3): 190-196.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We’ve entered information within the above desk that we’ve got been in a position to search out within the public area or have won following requests to the most productive of our talent. This knowledge is for steering simplest and could also be in error or there could also be omissions. For this reason, we urge someone considering any of those units to touch the producer or distributor without delay for to any extent further knowledge. Within the tournament of any mistakes or omissions, we additionally can be more than happy to listen to from any of the producers indexed with the view to creating any corrections or additions.

From this small pattern of units (Desk), there’s it seems that nice variation between the types of units and technical information to be had about them. Within the acoustic and vibroacoustic house, the information are patently a lot more simple, so it’s within the house of electrically-powered electromagnetic, plasma-based and scalar units that emit electromagnetic frequencies the place information transform a lot more related.

There have been obviously a couple of corporations that experience a miles higher stage of transparency than others, the standouts being Vitatec, Rayonex, Bio-Neatly and Resonant Mild Applied sciences (PERL+ and ProGen3). In contrast, there have been different corporations the place requirements of information transparency seemed to fall neatly wanting expectancies.

We’ve some considerations over units which might be closely advertised at the foundation of testimonials, with little technical element. The iTeraCare wand was once one such instance, the place the tool is labeled by way of the producer (possibly owing to CE mark certifications) as a “scorching air blower”, but information about the claimed terahertz electromagnetic radiation output don’t seem to be to be had within the public area. Claims by way of multi-level community vendors who’re promoting the units, together with to those that are critically unwell with C19 ‘vaccine’ damage, range, some suggesting the waves penetrate 20-30 cm into the physique, others 20-30 mm. Touch main points or a web site for the manufacture was once tough to search out, to not be perplexed by way of the community advertising and marketing corporate Prife World that has unique distributorship.

Different units, such because the Power Enhancement Gadget (EES) that is determined by scalar power generally issued via batteries of laptop displays is being driven onerous by way of influential folks together with many integrative docs in the US. Whilst one of the most case studies are inspiring, we had been stunned to search out little in the best way of technical element concerning the underlying generation.

Blank or grimy alerts?

There are lots of issues about quite a lot of units that may’t be printed by way of studying the producers’ specs and advertising and marketing fabrics, even supposing they seem slightly complete.

Take, for example, the character of transmitting alerts won by way of the physique from an electrode of a few shape, studying or decoding them in a read-out of a few type at the tool, and returning other alerts by way of an set of rules in ways in which modulate the physique’s reaction with the purpose of making improvements to vigorous coherence and serve as. That is, in any case, the primary purpose of many units within the wellness area.

You’ll recall that the electromagnetic (together with photonic) alerts emitted by way of the physique are very (even ‘extremely’) vulnerable. That doesn’t cause them to unimportant; it most definitely makes them extra fundamental, but additionally extra in a position to be interfered with by way of human-created electromagnetic alerts used (additionally) for conversation functions.

The physique’s alerts paintings throughout a complete harmonic differ from very low to very top frequencies – like an orchestra. Similar to you’ll be able to simplest listen a fragment of the overall differ of acoustic sounds, harmonies and resultant harmonics produced throughout Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic’s rendition of Mahler’s 9th symphony while you concentrate to it via a ghetto blaster, a lot of the sign high quality will also be misplaced if the receiver (electrodes or antennae) are missing in high quality and there’s over the top loss and noise when the alerts go back and forth between the physique and the tool itself. In contrast, a extremely delicate receiver, with little loss in high quality of sign transmission, this is able to a large frequency differ, means that you can ‘concentrate’ to the ideas emanating from the physique’s electromagnetic box in its complete glory. With all of the harmonics in position, even the likes of Mahler would possibly had been appeased had he been alive to ‘listen’ the human physique.

In lots of circumstances, lengthy cables (3 metres or extra in duration) are utilized by producers to permit the cables to succeed in a affected person or consumer mendacity susceptible on a sofa. However what’s the high quality of those cables? And what’s the high quality or sensitivity of the antennae or electrodes? We all know in some circumstances, those are superb, whilst in different circumstances, this seems a lesser precedence. So how does a practitioner or attainable consumer know whether or not a producer has used the most productive sensors to be had and the best quality, double or triple insulated cables particularly designed for terribly low voltages, if this data isn’t made publicly to be had?

What additionally occurs to alerts emitted from virtual units? Do they emit step-like, virtual alerts which might be alien to herbal methods previous to the discovery of virtual conversation methods? Have they been transformed by way of a virtual to analogue converter (DAC)? Has the conversion took place with out lack of key knowledge?

No longer finding out those ancillary components is similar to seeking to drink an unique wine from a used Starbucks cup with the dregs left in it. And if you happen to use the most productive generation to get the best quality organic knowledge and signalling you’ll be able to get – possibly it is smart to keep in touch this to attainable consumers so that they know they’re going to be consuming from a wonderful crystal glass deserving in their biofield?

Do frequency medication units paintings?

That is most definitely the hardest query to resolve for a possible consumer. There are lots of other ways in which other people make a judgment over whether or not a tool works, within the sense it complements the physique’s herbal homeostatic or therapeutic mechanisms. Listed below are 10 probabilities:

  1. Non-public enjoy
  2. Phrase of mouth
  3. Public-facing testimonials
  4. Key opinion chief or influencer’s conversation or endorsement
  5. Promoting, along side claims, which might or will not be substantiated
  6. 3rd birthday celebration opinions revealed in the preferred, particular pastime or clinical media
  7. Mechanistic research by way of the producer or 3rd birthday celebration that demonstrates a believable mechanism for a advisable organic impact
  8. Producer’s personal outcome-based/effectiveness trials, ‘unpublished’ (generally produced as a non-peer reviewed record) or revealed within the peer reviewed literature
  9. Consequence-based/effectiveness trials or find out about by way of a 3rd birthday celebration (impartial establishment or corporate), ‘unpublished’ or revealed within the peer overview
  10. Aggregated scientific proof i.e. proof of constant sure well being results related to using the tool by way of a couple of practitioners and lots of extra sufferers.

Probably the most result of our personal analysis of this sector is that there’s a large number of good advertising and marketing in the market, however, for some units, the substance (learn: information) we’d was hoping to look simply wasn’t to be had. That is a lot much less the case for the ones units which were followed by way of the scientific mainstream (Fig. 4) and others that experience won Elegance IIa scientific tool registration for particular indications, such because the bioresonance units by way of Rayonex and BICOM. It’s because tool registration calls for evidence of each protection and scientific effectiveness by way of scientific trials. This, alternatively, does no longer imply that units for which there are extra information are essentially higher, more practical and even more secure than the ones units for which fewer information are to be had. It simply approach, as Dr Markov alludes in his 2015 paper, that it isn’t imaginable to make a significant evaluate of the generation the place an important information, say on elements reminiscent of frequency and amplitude levels, box gradient and length of exposures had been designated by way of producers.

The problem of information transparency and the will, or another way, to hunt registration, is a posh one, partially on account of the variety of alerts and fields with which other units paintings, and since some units paintings so a lot more holistically than others, on such a lot of facets of the bodily physique and biofield. This makes it a lot more difficult to squeeze them into the sq. peg structure required for registration, that calls for a scientific trial eager about given indications or well being stipulations.

Nevertheless it’s no longer simply that. Some producers take a principled place of no longer in need of to reveal technical knowledge to a regulatory authority given the well known revolving door between drug/tool regulators and Large Pharma. Others imagine themselves as simplest making or advertising and marketing wellness units designed for wholesome individuals who don’t have severe sicknesses, so scientific tool registration isn’t suitable. Others, nonetheless, would a lot moderately stay their heads underneath the parapet, as they know simplest too neatly that the running rules in their units, involving the human biofield, are so alien to any regulator steeped within the biochemical, Newtonian-Cartesian type of drugs, that pursuing regulatory approval would virtually definitely be fruitless. This is, till such time that regulators are pressured to meet up with the rising science on biofield units.


Interacting human biofields — invisible to maximum, detected and measured by way of a all of a sudden expanding collection of frequency-based units

What to do…..not anything, or one thing? Our view is that the field, as an entire, may do quite higher at metering out related knowledge to the general public – to take care of the all-important bioethical theory of knowledgeable consent, in addition to to make stronger the perception, that’s been on the center of ANH’s paintings since our beginnings over two decades in the past, of knowledgeable selection.

For some corporations, lesser reliance on testimonials and promoting claims that can’t be independently substantiated can be a excellent get started. So would collaborations with extremely skilled and influential clinicians, who can then keep in touch their very own findings from case studies or observational research to friends. Collaborations with impartial scientists to be able to combination related scientific information so we will higher perceive results inside a science-based context can be an enormous asset.

Using spurious claims that aren’t imaginable for a practitioner or member of the general public to corroborate, isn’t any lend a hand to someone within the long-term, no longer even to these whose corporations would possibly take pleasure in the non permanent win such claims can convey. They just give regulators – even non-government, self-appointed ones just like the UK’s Promoting Requirements Authority, a reason why to sharpen their knives, as observed by way of this advisory, together with two destructive rulings on advertising and marketing claims for bioresonance treatment.

A lot of this transition, for sure, will are available time as the field matures. The restrictions of what’s in the market, within the public area, are to a big extent only a symptom of the youthfulness of this all of a sudden rising sector. All of it’s made extra complicated for the reason that rules on which biofield units function are alien to such a lot of, particularly out of doors the German-speaking international locations which were the principle scorching mattress of study of building to-date.

Asking if frequency medication works isn’t a dissimilar query to asking if herbal – and even pharmaceutical – medication works. After all it does! However this doesn’t imply it really works in all other people all the time! It is determined by a couple of elements, together with which units, which component of human well being you’re taking into consideration, underneath what stipulations, on which individual, at what time.

Now, some excellent information! On the whole phrases, it’s no longer onerous to search out quite a lot of proof of sure, advisable results, with a lack of any protection issues. However the proof that some units had been confirmed to paintings for some stipulations and a few other people doesn’t imply this declare will also be brandished throughout all the ones units, together with those who haven’t engaged in a extra clinical technique of analysis. Consider how the general public would react if drug corporations relied at the analysis research on herbal monacolins from pink yeast rice to lend a hand promote their statin medicine! (Ouch – after all, some do!)

OK – now you need the element. Because the spaces is so massive I need to level you to 3 helpful opinions that hyperlink to many a hit analysis research and explain the potential for frequency-based units. Those are as follows:

Regardless of the every so often patchy image of data these days to be had within the public area, when one appears to be like in totality at all the to be had knowledge and information, and considers the forces that this sector is up in opposition to given the monopolistic schedule of Large Pharma, I don’t for a second doubt Einstein’s prediction that, “Long run medication would be the medication of frequencies”.

Something is evidently, the field is rising. This development tracks along the ever extra broadly recognised drawback: the existing biochemical, molecular, genetic and Newtonian-Cartesian ideas that underpin mainstream, allopathic medication are simply too restricted to ship constant, top of the range healthcare.

Greater than that, an ever rising collection of persons are opening as much as the concept electromagnetic power, frequencies and resonances are – as we mentioned in Section 1 – very important to existence. Extra pastime leads to extra stories, because of this extra units bought, main, in flip, to extra analysis. As such, each and every yr, the proof base, in particular from all-important scientific practise, is increasing.

There’s some other key reason why for the mounting pastime in frequency-based units. As our our bodies get ever extra distorted by way of human-created electromagnetic fields, the significance of bringing them into coherence via using particular electromagnetic fields will transform ever extra fundamental.


As an impartial scientist, it’s been one thing of a bumpy adventure investigating the publicly to be had information and knowledge getting used to marketplace frequency-based units. Having mentioned this, my enthusiasm over the possibility of the frequency medication sector not to simplest transform central within the house of diagnostics, but additionally in remedy (each preventative and healing), has no longer been dampened within the slightest. I don’t doubt it is going to occur, as a result of, like many, I absolutely recognize that frequency and electromagnetism is the following main frontier in medication – as a result of it’s so elementary to all organic processes.

What I’m much less certain about, alternatively, is the time it is going to take to transform universally permitted. This, personally, will rely so much at the funding technological leaders make in proving get advantages and protection, the dedication proven to transparency and the stage of care and duty taken in speaking knowledge and information to the well being professions and the broader international.

This additionally approach navigating the regulatory swamp that has been created over some 70 years by way of the drug regulators who’ve established a machine that works neatly for his or her paymasters, and has been intentionally orchestrated to close out, or close down, pageant that would possibly negatively have an effect on the ground strains of Large Pharma or Large Gadgets (have I simply invented a brand new time period?).

The dietary and dietary supplements business is a living proof, having been at loggerheads with regulators for many years. However the science used to shield diet remains to be in large part in keeping with the biochemical type of body structure – and nonetheless ignores the electromagnetic elements, resonances and quantum signalling that happens when meals and vitamins have interaction with the bodily and vigorous physique.

Like with any new business sector, accountable self-regulation is one of the best ways of heading off the type of occasions, alternatively trivial they appear, that regulators will fortunately use to annihilate new pageant. The over-zealous and fully useless movements the FDA and EU regulators have taken to knee-cap the all of a sudden increasing cannabidiol (CBD) sector, are circumstances in level.

Our enchantment

As an alliance of herbal well being pursuits, with our number one venture being eager about reaping benefits other people and protecting our proper to herbal well being, we’re willing to paintings with a gaggle of main avid gamers within the frequency medication sector to facilitate the carving out of a framework for the accountable and sustainable building of the field.

We invite scientists, researchers and corporate representatives throughout the frequency medication or wellness generation sector to touch us at [email protected] if they’re considering co-creating a framework for this improbable, and thrilling new frontier of drugs and wellness.

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