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Corporate Claims Its “Good” Mask Scale back Methane Emissions in Cows; Gates Basis Invests $4.7M


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By means of B.N. Frank

Unhappy however true, some farmers are already hanging damaging radiation-emitting digital fact goggles and task trackers (see 1, 2) on their livestock.  Now they’ll additionally be able to strap damaging radiation-emitting mask on their heads purportedly to cut back methane emissions.

From Kids’s Well being Protection:

‘Good’ Mask for Cows? Gates Invests $4.7 Million in Information-Accumulating Faceware for Cattle

The Invoice & Melinda Gates Basis this month awarded a $4.7 million grant to ZELP, which claims its synthetic intelligence masks era for farm animals will cut back methane emissions and curb local weather exchange.

By means of Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.

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The Invoice & Melinda Gates Basis this month awarded a $4.7 million grant to an organization that sells “sensible” face mask for cows.

ZELP, which stands for 0 Emissions Cattle Challenge, claims its synthetic intelligence (AI) masks era for farm animals will cut back methane emissions — regarded as to be a major greenhouse fuel — and curb local weather exchange.

Cows and different ruminant animals emit methane within the technique of digesting their meals.

The masks is going across the cow’s head and captures the methane fuel exhaled by way of the animal, oxidizing it after which freeing it into the air as carbon dioxide and water vapor, in line with ZELP.

It additionally has sensors that often gather hundreds of thousands of knowledge issues at the animals which might be processed by way of device finding out algorithms.

“Our AI is educated to come across warmth, flag welfare stipulations, and determine the most productive animals with a high-level of accuracy,” ZELP stated.

However critics, together with third-generation farmer Howard Vlieger, stated the Gates-funded project is illogical and pushed by way of greed.

Vlieger, who advises crop and farm animals farmers around the U.S., stated, “That is what you can get while you mix greed and stupidity.”

Commenting at the information, Will Harris — a fourth-generation regenerative farmer who runs his circle of relatives’s farm White Oak Pastures, instructed The Defender all he may say was once, “Certainly this can be a hoax.”

Vital Sway, a researcher and investigator, tweeted, “You couldn’t make these items up. … We’re dwelling in ridiculous occasions my pals.”

The Invoice & Melinda Gates Basis simply introduced a $4.7 million grant for an organization that sells face mask for cows.

ZELP — which collaborates with the rural massive Cargill — makes its cash by way of leasing the sensible mask out to farmers and by way of promoting carbon offset credit, Vital Sway stated.

“Historical past will display that the majority of so-called environmentally advisable initiatives like this are going to make Bernie Madoff seem like an altar boy,” Vlieger stated.

Madoff, whose identify changed into synonymous with monetary fraud, was once in the back of the $20 billion Ponzi scheme that CNN referred to as the biggest monetary fraud in historical past.

Gates’ love affair with techno-fixes

Good mask for cows aren’t the primary money-making tech repair Gates has tried to use to a herbal downside.

Remaining 12 months, the billionaire partnered with Samsung in an try to make a bathroom that will flip human feces into ash.

And Gates just lately claimed his genetically altered seeds had been important for fixing international starvation as a result of local weather exchange alters rising stipulations.

He additionally promotes AI-driven virtual agriculture that will depend on large-scale monocultures and is “mainly a surveillance agriculture,” in line with environmental activist Vandana Shiva, Ph.D.

The era forces farmers “to get hooked on chemical substances and chemical fertilizers” that hurt the planet and other people whilst lowering herbal biodiversity, Shiva stated.

Shiva stated Gates’ answers forget about evident herbal therapies for environmental issues, such because the regenerative agriculture practices of controlled grazing and herbal soil enrichment.

Business farming practices — no longer cows — are the issue

ZELP’s design was once considered one of 4 winners closing 12 months within the Terra Carta Design Lab, an environmental sustainability pageant for reducing methane emissions.

Prince Charles — who introduced the contest as a part of his Sustainable Markets Initiative — praised the masks design as “interesting,” reported Industry Insider in April 2022.

However in line with Vlieger, ruminant animals of their herbal habitat don’t seem to be the important thing drivers of environmental issues.

“When the settlers labored their means around the plains, there have been hundreds of thousands of buffalo,” Vlieger stated. “If ruminant animals had been the issue, why didn’t we now have local weather exchange issues then?”

Techno-fixes like ZELP’s sensible mask forget about the problem of the place and the way the animals graze, Vlieger and others stated.

Typical farm animals manufacturing — which incorporates confining extensive numbers of animals in concentrated animal feeding operations, extra frequently referred to as manufacturing unit farms — “manipulates items of the ecosystem so that you could maximize manufacturing and earnings, thereby resulting in the complication and expense of coping with unintentional penalties,” in line with a 2015 document by way of the Savory Institute, a regenerative agriculture group that promotes wholistic control of farm animals.

An intact ecosystem successfully balances ruminant methane manufacturing and breakdown, the document authors stated.

Certainly, researchers — together with W. Richard Teague, Ph.D., professor emeritus and grazing ecologist at Texas A&M AgriLife Analysis & Extension Middle — discovered that with suitable regenerative crop and grazing control, ruminant animals no longer best cut back total greenhouse fuel emissions but additionally supply very important ecosystem products and services that build up soil carbon sequestration and cut back environmental injury.

Teague and his colleagues stated in a 2016 article printed within the Magazine of Soil and Water Conservation that “to verify long-term sustainability and ecological resilience of agroecosystems, agricultural manufacturing will have to be guided by way of insurance policies and regenerative control protocols that come with ruminant grazing.”

Permitting cows to open graze “underneath suitable control leads to extra carbon sequestration than emissions,” Teague instructed A hit Farming.

Grazing techniques which might be regenerative reason soil microorganisms to extend, which is helping power carbon sequestration and methane oxidization, Teague added.

‘That is unsuitable in such a lot of techniques’

Vlieger stated ZELP’s sensible masks would generate electromagnetic radiation that would hurt the animals.

“A few years in the past when the USDA [U.S. Department of Agriculture] was once speaking concerning the digital ID ear tags for livestock, I wrote a piece of writing concerning the risks of the electromagnetic frequencies — and that was once means ahead of we had a fragment of the ideas that we have got as of late,” he stated.

“The possibility of tumors and different in poor health well being results are vital,” Vlieger added.

Blogger Tessa Lena additionally criticized the cow sensible masks as a result of this can be a step in normalizing “sensible” facewear for each animals and people — one thing this is “a win-win for all fascists,” she stated in a March 14 Substack publish.

Lena stated:

“It’s an excessively profitable ‘product adoption curve for Giant Tech — and intensely in line with how they’ve been going about their ‘product adoption curves’ since day one of the vital business’s life.”

Good faceware may be “helpful to the totalitarian varieties within the executive” and a “treasure trove of yummy ‘new oil’ biometric information for the pleasure of all fascists,” Lena added.

Her answer?

Other people should get up and refuse to do that, she stated.

Activist Put up reviews incessantly about privateness invasive and hazardous applied sciences.  For more info, discuss with our archives.

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